ReachOut documentation

ReachOut documentation

Last updated: 5th September 2023

ReachOut Marketing

ReachOut Marketing requests

We aim at working with our customers efficiently. We also aim at removing confusion and making communication quality our top priority.

Our customers submit their requests on a task management system that is accessible once subscribed.

Each task equals one request and a priority can be assigned. Sub-tasks can be added too, as well as pictures - like mockups -, comments and flairs.

Our teams reviews new requests every day and provides feedback, asks questions or updates the task with the progress.

More complex projects can be created as well to include timelines and tasks within the project. These could be a new website with multiple pages or a campaign containing multiple touch points of different type.

ReachOut Marketing helps the marketing teams to set priorities based on business scope and technical requirements, and advises on ETAs and roadblocks or requirements to make the process as predictable as possible.

We don't work with waterfall requirements as we understand the complexity of putting a marketing plan to action. We work agile and believe in good and organized communication for optimal results and timely delivery.