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ReachOut documentation

Last updated: 5th September 2023


About Us

Reach Out Labs

A team with more than 10 years of experience in marketing production.

We work closely with our customers to reach their goals with a professional approach to Digital Marketing, focusing on their data security and privacy.

Our team is specialized in the multichannel marketing production, providing systems bases on web communication, landing pages, emails, text messages (SMS), WhatsApp and personalised PDF for printing. We focus on producing a customized and relevant message for each campaigns' user. Our goal is to improve the users' data preservation and usability to improve each campaign's results beign fully compliant with GDPR and FDPA.

Reach Out Labs Sagl is based in Lugano (Switzerland) and it's a spin-off of the Web development company thePrintLabs founded in London (UK) in 2012 with the main goal to work in the digital publishing industry. In the last 10 years, we have developed digital products for newspapers and magazine publishers, web applications, user management systems, subscriptions systems and advanced content management systems with custom APIs, strengthening our technical skills and growing our experience on projects with millions of users.

In 2020 we opened our company in Switzerland intending to continue our mission of developing and implementing business-oriented technical solutions in growing industries with a special focus on digital marketing based on data.

We like to work closely with our customers to understand their local environment, listening to the entrepreneur or our customers' managers to understand their real business issues and providing them with solutions and opportunities thanks to our global experience. Our projects are always tailored and based on the local context using the best practices and case studies developed on millions of users' audiences. The team encompasses more than 20 professionals, based in three countries, working on consulting customers, project managing custom implementations and integrations, and developing the core application. Our team has worked for various sizes companies in different indusries, growing a huge experience thanks to the diversity we got in touch with. This variety of experiences, supported by the presence in three different countries, is an extraordinary value added that we can offer to our customers.

Why work with us?

The Digital Marketing represents on of the main business aspects to invest on, especially when a company is working on a strategy which involve the use of their customers precious data. Reach Out Labs, thanks to the long experience in international markets and to the strong knowledge in technologies and data preservation, ensures the best support, consultancy and tools to reach business goals with a special attention to the data security and privacy. Our solutions are totally compliant with the GDPR and the FDPA.

What is Marketing Production exactly? We provide implementation services, creation and ongoing management of multichannel digital marketing campaigns. Our offer includes consultancy design on users' journeys, purchase and conversion funnels, designing and implementing templates for landing pages and emails, triggers and events' setup and ongoing results and effectiveness monitoring.

The right creation, implementation and execution of digital marketing campaigns is a complex activity which requires a team of experts with a high level of skills and competences that are often not available in companies. Our team offers the necessary consultancy and implementation services to achieve growing sales targets while optimizing the use of user data. Our main goal is to use the existing relation and creat new ones to obtain relevant campaigns for the audience. This creates brand loyalty, increased conversions and generates important information to lead business and product choices.

How can Multichannel Digital Marketing grow the business?

Our team of experts is available for those companies that want to run relevant digital marketing campaigns based on users' data. We can provide a tailored consultancy and a custom study before starting the project of your first campaign.

Get in touch with us and provide some preliminary details: describe your business, explain your current marketing plan and future goals, including some details about your current audience and any other info you consider to be relevant. We'll get back to you to arrange the first meeting, online or face-to-face. We'll then be able to work on an offer including the implementation and the ongoing support focused on a real achievement of your goals.

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