ReachOut documentation

ReachOut documentation

Last updated: 5th September 2023


Data access and data processor addendum

Last modified: 5th September 2023

Service users are provided with either a dedicated marketing database schema or a custom, on-premises marketing database deployment. The ReachOut Marketing Platform and Analytics don’t access, copy or store information contained in the marketing database other than IDs and names of database tables, touch points and campaigns.

The Company does not access, control, delete or otherwise copy, transfer or share the data contained in the marketing database. Access to the marketing database data is however possible for technical support reasons, troubleshooting and other maintenance operations as required for running the platform. Marketing databases are encrypted at rest using a dedicated encryption key. The Company’s personnel store encryption keys and platform access credentials in an encrypted vault in which keys are rotated on a random schedule. The Company complies with data protection regulations such as EU’s GDPR and Switzerland’s revised Federal Data Protection Act (revFADP).

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